Explaining a Personalized Medication Management Approach

The term Personalized Medication Management may sound complicated, but it is a critical tool for enhancing patient care. For decades, the traditional approach to Medication Management has prevailed. Yet as we continue to fully develop whole patient-focused care, we have discovered that the complex, overwhelming, and often confusing process of trying to maintain the correct medication schedule can have adverse effects on health outcomes for patients. A personalized medication management approach strives to alleviate the medication issues that many patients face both in and out of long term care (LTC) facilities.

What is Personalized Medication Management?

Personalized medication management covers all of a patient’s medications for their current conditions and their health history. Keeping track of multiple medications and times is often a challenge for patients. Using the personalized medication management approach ensures that patients’ health and privacy are safeguarded during their time at an LTC facility and once they transition home. When healthcare providers partner with an LTC pharmacy, they can ensure that their patients’ needs will be met with an easy-to-manage medication plan. A personalized medication management plan also improves patient adherence to their medication regimen, decreasing the risk of poor clinical outcomes and admission to a hospital or readmission into a long term care facility if they are currently at home. 

How Can Personalized Medication Management Benefit You and Your Patients?

If your patient has complex health issues that require them to be under the care of several different healthcare providers, it can be a challenge to manage all of their medication. Traditional medication management requires coordination between the different physicians’ offices and multiple pharmacies, which leaves less time for dedicated patient interactions. With a personalized medication management approach, the chance of error is reduced and allows for a better, simpler method of coordination of all medications. Patients consistently receive the correct medications, delivered on time, and labeled for easy identification. A consistent medication schedule will keep your patients on the path to better, healthier outcomes. Higher patient satisfaction is reported when patients and their caregivers do not have to stress over the proper medication delivery and administration with a personalized medication management plan that includes dosing instructions. 


Clarest Health’s Technology Advantage Enhances Your Patient’s Care Plan 

Using Clarest Health’s central web portal, ProLink, providers (along with patients and their caregivers) can access patient history and health data in one location. Patients will receive their medications in a compliant, easy-to-dispense pouch delivered when they need them. This results in improved quality of care and compliance. In addition, healthcare providers have access to a secure, user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant text messaging platform, ProText,  to communicate with our expert licensed pharmacy team with 24/7 availability. Partnering with Clarest Health and our expansive network allows you to connect your patients with a cost-effective, efficient personalized medication management plan. 

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