Our easy-to-use, tear-strip pouch system uses personalized medication pouch packaging that ensures accuracy, saves time, and improves care outcomes.

  • Save costs
  • Reduce errors
  • Stay compliant

Save costs

Reduce errors

Stay compliant

Medication Errors are risky.

Managing multiple medications for each resident can be complex and time-consuming.

Interruptions and distractions can cause medication errors that can be harmful to your residents.

Inefficient practices in med pass can result in big consequences for both residents and associates.

CarePack can help

CarePack offers an easy-to-use, tear-strip pouch system that uses the industry’s most advanced technologies for prescription management, packaging, and verification. CarePack is a solution specially designed for the evolving needs of healthcare facilities.

Labor Savings
Save an average of 2 minutes per resident per day

Med Accuracy
Faster, more simplified med pass with integrated eMAR and EHR confirmation.

Inventory Reductions of 50% and up: Reduced waste vs. blister packs*

*May not apply in all states based on individual regulations.

Reduced Touch points
Better infection control with fewer touch points

“Med passes are now time efficient and easy. We’ve had no medication errors and no concerns with patient safety because each pouch describes exactly what medications are in them and what they look like. [CarePack] is truly a game-changer that has allowed nurses to be nurses again and provide a higher quality of care.”

– Newton Wellsley LPN

“My med pass has gone from two and half hours to an hour and 15 minutes. It has allowed me to spend more time with residents.”

– Newton Wellesley LPN

24 x 7 x 365

Our pharmacists help your facility achieve your goals by helping to improve resident outcomes while ensuring that your associates receive the best service possible.

1 ProCare LTC pharmacy receives RX orders

2 Orders are reviewed by our pharmacists, processed, and filled

3 Medication arrives to your facility clearly labeled in easy-to-dispense packaging

4 Associates dispense medication quickly and accurately

5 Associates save more time to spend with residents!

Clarest Health is a trusted leader
in using technology for Personalized Medication Management

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