CareFil™ Rx

Home is where the heart (and your medication) is.

CareFilTM Rx makes your transition home and managing multiple medications easy. We work with you to optimize your medication regimen then fill, sort, package, and deliver your medications to your doorstep every month.

  • Save costs

  • Reduce errors

  • Stay compliant

Save costs

Reduce errors

Stay compliant

How it works

Initial In-Home Consultation
Our services start with an in-home consultation with a CareFilTM Rx representative. We’ll review your medications, explain how our program works, and handle the transfer of your prescriptions to our pharmacy.

Packaging & Delivery
Our pharmacists will fill, sort, and package your medications in easy-to-use, individual dosage pouches. Each pouch is clearly labeled with the included medications and the date and time to take them.

Home Delivery
Your 30-day supply of pre-sorted and packaged medications are delivered to your home at no additional cost to you. Need over-the-counter items included in your delivery? Just let us know. We’ll add them to your order.

Monthly Management, Refills, & Followups
Each month, a member of the CarefilTM RX team will check in with you by phone to ensure you’re taking your medications as prescribed and to answer any questions you may have for our pharmacy staff.

CareFilTM Rx
Supports your health and happiness by making Medication Management safer and simpler.

Patient testimonials

I am really glad you guys are packaging my meds, that way I can always tell if I have taken my meds! With bottles, I have no way of knowing.”

– James C.

I am blessed to have a nurse who comes to my home to go over all of my medicines with me and call my doctor for refills and then bring me my medications each month- CareFil™ Rx has taken all the work out of my medication issues.”

– Carol C.

We partner with patients and caregivers, providers, payers, and long-term care facilities.

Why choose CareFilTM Rx

CareFilTM Rx provides an easier and safer way to manage medications. We work directly with our patient’s healthcare providers to ensure that prescriptions are up-to-date and that there are no dangerous drug interactions. Then we fill, sort, and package prescriptions in convenient, individual dosage pouches. The pouches are clearly labeled with what medications are inside and when they should be taken.

Our clinical pharmacists use cutting-edge, robotic technology to assist them in ensuring that every packet we ship has the right dose and is labeled with the right instructions. And no medication leaves our pharmacy without being verified by one of our clinical pharmacists.

1 Safer Medication Management.

Have confidence that you are taking the right dose at the right time. No more wondering. No more worries.

2 Personalized service.

We keep track of your medications for you, and we stay in touch with you and your healthcare provider to ensure your prescriptions are always up to date.

3 More value. No additional cost.

Our adherence packaging and home delivery are offered at no additional cost to you.

4 Time-saving convenience.

Managing your medications has never been easier. No more filling pillboxes. No more trips to the pharmacy.

Advancing Patient Health At Every Step!

CareFil™ Rx is dedicated to helping you transition home and manage your medication regimen with ease.From an in-home visit to get started, to communicating with your healthcare providers, and delivering a 30-day supply of easy-to-use dosage pouches directly to your door – we make sure that your medication transitions are taken care of. Our comprehensive medication management solution offers convenience and assurance every step of the way. With CareFil™ Rx, rest easy knowing that your transition to home-based medication management is in good hands.