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Enhancing Member Health Through Medication Management with Clarest

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Full-Service MTM

Clarest Care Complete

Clarest Health: Solutions to drive payer success.

Medication non-adherence and poor Medication Management drives billions  in avoidable healthcare costs each year.  

Clarest provides tailored solutions, leveraging technology and expertise to streamline processes, lower costs, and boost adherence. With Clarest, payers can navigate complexities more efficiently and optimize resources resulting in lower cost of care, improved quality measures and best of all enhanced patient outcomes.

Clarest Health provides flexible solutions to meet your organization’s individual needs! 

Clarest Care Complete: Healthy members drive healthy business outcomes.

Clarest Health offers a complete Medication Management solution that guides you and your members to better health.  Integrating advanced analytics, human engagement, and in easy-to-use, tear strip medication pouches, clearly marked with the date and the time to be taken, Clarest Care Complete enhances patient safety and adherence, streamlines coordination, and contributes to improved satisfaction and health outcomes, ultimately reducing the total cost of care. 

Powered by our proprietary clinical technology, MTMPathTM, bolstered by CareFilTM Rx, provides complete Medication Management in the patient’s home. We support members in optimizing, accessing, and adhering to, their medication regimen.

MTM your way

Full Service: You choose your configurations and programs, Clarest Health takes care of the rest!

Full Service MTM provides comprehensive medication reviews, identifies, and addresses barriers to adherence, and optimizes medication therapy to mitigate risks and improve health outcomes. With Clarest MTM, payers can confidently navigate Medication Management complexities, leading to cost savings, reduced healthcare utilization, and ultimately, improved quality of care for their members.


Our adaptable and intuitive platform leverages health data analytics to pinpoint opportunities for therapeutic enhancement and identify MTM program eligible members.

Outreach and intervention:

Then our dedicated team of engagement specialists and healthcare professionals delivers bespoke outreach and interventions.

Resolution and follow up:

This personalized approach concentrates on each member’s unique Medication Management needs and challenges, culminating in a tailored care plan that is efficiently communicated to both the member and their healthcare providers.

Adhering to CMS MTM program standards, we exceed mere compliance. Our strategy involves pairing at-risk individuals with pharmaceutical experts to perform Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMR) for eligible members.

SAAS MTMPath™: The foundation to optimize your members’ medication management.

MTMPathTM, crafted by experienced pharmacists, stands as the industry’s leading platform for extensive drug regimen review, catering to at-risk demographics. Our SAAS partners take advantage of MTMPathTM’s robust capabilities and diverse array of incorporated clinical programs as the foundation for their internal Medication Management efforts.

CareFilTM Rx by Clarest Health.

Introducing CareFilTM Rx by Clarest Health: Our advanced solution empowers payers to optimize Medication Management and elevate patient outcomes through easy-to-use tear strip packages. With personalized interventions and actionable insights, CareFilTM Rx enhances medication adherence, reduces costs, and minimizes therapy risks. Seamlessly integrating into existing workflows, CareFilTM Rx streamlines processes, enabling payers to deliver high-quality care efficiently.

Elevate your Medication Management!

Ready to revolutionize Medication Management and drive superior outcomes? Reach out to Clarest Health today and learn how we can assist you in refining Medication Management for optimal patient results.

  • Implement CMS-compliant MTM programs that not only meet but surpass the set requirements.
  • Utilize adaptable algorithms for patient and risk identification, informed by medication profiles, disease states, usage patterns, and adherence levels.
  • Employ clinical decision support tools for comprehensive regimen reviews and personalized care plan development.
  • Proactively manage populations at risk to prevent adverse outcomes.

See how Clarest is changing Medication Management with leading-edge technology