Revolutionizing Medication Management with MTMPath™️ Your Way

Don’t let medication management stand in the way of superior patient care. At Clarest Health, we’re rewriting the rules with our groundbreaking solution, MTMPath™️ Your Way. From simplifying complex drug regimens to elevating patient outcomes, we’re here to empower you every step of the way.

  • Save costs

  • Reduce errors

  • Stay compliant

Save costs

Reduce errors

Stay compliant


MTMPath™️ Your Way leverages our cutting-edge clinical technology, MTMPath™, to streamline medication management. This adaptable platform is tailored to your unique program needs, providing top-tier drug regimen review. By seamlessly connecting payers and pharmacists, MTMPath™ delivers real-time population insights, empowering effective strategies for optimal medication adherence.

Improve Outcomes with MTMPath

Flexible, rules-driven patient identification algorithms.

Identification of at-risk patients and opportunities for optimal therapeutic outcomes.

Clinical decision support tools for personalized care plans.

Proactive targeting of events leading to poor adherence.

Unlock the Potential of MTMPath™ Your Way

Discover the limitless possibilities with MTMPath™ Your Way:

  • Drive Cost Savings:
    Optimize your budget with streamlined medication management.
  • Maximize Revenue Opportunities:
    Identify untapped revenue streams with precision.
  • Elevate Patient Care:
    Provide unparalleled care and support to your patients.
  • Minimize Risk:
    Mitigate risks associated with medication management.
  • Boost Medication Adherence:
    Improve patient adherence for better health outcomes.