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Simplified Medication Management for Enhanced Care

  • Smooth transition home

  • Unmatched service

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Smooth transition home

Unmatched service

Better outcomes

Tackling Medication Risks: Streamlining Solutions for LTC Facilities

In the intricate landscape of long-term care (LTC) facilities, medication management stands as a critical challenge. From intricate dosing regimens to the constant threat of errors, ensuring resident safety demands a comprehensive approach. At Clarest, we’re committed to simplifying this process. With tailored solutions designed specifically for LTC needs, we empower facilities to navigate medication complexities with ease. Through innovative technology, personalized support, and a steadfast dedication to excellence, we pave the way for enhanced resident care.

Seamless Communication for Enhanced Resident Care with Unmatched Pharmacy Services

Clarest utilizes advanced electronic medical record (EMR) integration and communication platforms to facilitate seamless communication between LTC facilities, healthcare providers, residents, and their families. Our technology ensures accurate documentation, timely communication, and coordinated care, ultimately improving efficiency and effectiveness in medication management and resident care.

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Technology to Enhance Patient Outcomes

MTM Your Way leverages our cutting-edge clinical technology, MTMPath™, to streamline medication management. This adaptable platform is tailored to your unique program needs, providing top-tier drug regimen review. By seamlessly connecting payers and pharmacists, MTMPath™ delivers real-time population insights, empowering effective strategies for optimal medication adherence.

Save Time on Med Pass and Eliminate Medication Error Risks with Clarest CarePack

CarePack by Clarest health revolutionizes medication administration in long-term care facilities. Our innovative solution streamlines the process, ensuring each dose is individually packaged in easy-to-use pouches. Caregivers can now focus more on providing quality care to residents, without the burden of complex medication routines. With clear labeling and precise dosing, CarePack minimizes the risk of errors, enhancing resident safety and well-being. Say goodbye to medication management challenges and hello to efficiency, accuracy, and peace of mind with CarePack by Clarest.

Seamless Transitions & Enhanced Facility Experience

Our Day of Discharge service provides residents with a 30-day supply of meds, eliminating the need to stop at the pharmacy and enabling them to go directly to their loved ones, stress-free.

Home is Where the Heart and Your Residents’ Medication Is

For residents transitioning from facility to home, Clarest offers CareFil Rx. This innovative medication management solution simplifies the way individuals manage their medications. Leveraging technology and personalized engagement, CareFil Rx optimizes medication regimens in collaboration with patients and healthcare providers. Our services include in-home visits, direct communication with healthcare providers, and the delivery of medications in easy-to-use pouches. CareFil Rx prioritizes quality, convenience, and peace of mind, empowering individuals to live independently and adhere to their prescribed regimens.

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