Medication Management When Transitioning Out of a Long Term Care Facility

Transitioning out of a Long Term Care (LTC) facility often takes meticulous planning and preparation. Many times it is a happy or exciting occasion to return home or move into home care. While the ultimate goal is to transition successfully out of LTC, the process can be difficult. As a healthcare provider, you want to ensure that your patients have access to and are taking their medications on a consistent basis. A long term care pharmacist will provide a Medication Management plan that works for your patient and helps them remain on the proper medication schedule.  

The Medication Challenge When Leaving a Long Term Care Facility

The transition process out of LTC requires your expertise as a healthcare provider.  Medication management is a significant part of this process and can become complicated for your patients who need continuation of care. A major challenge of leaving LTC is that the medication schedule can become too confusing and overwhelming. As patients try to coordinate between multiple providers and different pharmacies to receive all of their medications themselves, mistakes can happen. This can lead to duplication of therapy, increased costs for prescriptions, delays, and errors in getting needed medications. This becomes detrimental to patients who may stop taking their medications, resulting in poor health outcomes and readmission to an LTC facility. 

Working With A Long Term Care Pharmacy 

A long term pharmacy and its pharmacists are trained to help provide top-notch medication management for patients under their care. With a time-consuming medication schedule that is critical to maintaining good health outcomes,  patients need pharmacy support that is reliable. When partnering with a long term care pharmacy with trained long term care pharmacists, your patients do not have to worry about misidentifying their medications, not understanding what to take or when to take it, and worrying that their medication will be delayed. In addition, the complexity of coordinating multiple pharmacies and multiple providers is alleviated. When healthcare providers set their patients up with an LTC pharmacy, they will ensure that correct medications are delivered on time, and a pharmacist who is familiar with those medications can answer questions that may arise. This leads to higher patient satisfaction, improved quality, and compliance. 

Let Clarest Health Simplify Medication Management 

Clarest Health believes in using technology to help patients and support healthcare providers when it comes to medication management. Our innovative technology reduces Medication Errors, decreases costs and delays, and encourages compliance. We focus heavily on the overall goal of enhancing patient care by making it easier to keep track of your medications, receive them on time, and remain on schedule. Clarest utilizes a central web portal, a secure messaging platform, and clearly labeled and compliant medication pouches as part of our solution for quality medication management. We are here to help your patients throughout their care journey. From their stay in a long term care facility to transitioning to home, we support you and your patients to enhance their care. 

Ensure Successful Transitions For Your Patients

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