Using Technology to Simplify Medication Management

With the rise of technology in healthcare systems, there have been incredible innovations in enhancing patient care. Utilizing technology in daily tasks allows healthcare providers to spend more time focusing on their patients, including simplifying their Medication Management. Ensuring that patients remain consistent with their medication regimen is a critical step forward in their care journey. As a healthcare provider who continuously works toward enhancing patient care, it is essential to give patients the tools to succeed to ensure they take the correct medications at the right times, even when they are facing an illness or recovery resulting in an overwhelming and confusing time in their lives. This technology takes away an element of stress and has a positive impact on patient health. Utilizing medication management systems can simplify medication management both for you as a provider and for the patients and their caregivers. 

The Benefits of Medication Management Technology

  • Medication history is centrally located. Medication management systems keep current medications and patient history together in one location. This allows healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers to see the complete list of medications that patients are currently taking and review the history of medications as needed.
  • Pharmacy and clinical data are readily available. For healthcare providers, the data from a medication management system can help improve medication dispensation and increase compliance. Having access to this data is a key metric for improving patient outcomes. 
  • Medication adherence and compliance are improved. Additionally, medication management technology ensures that patients are receiving the correct prescribed medications. This reduces medication waste and promotes healthier outcomes for patients who will be more likely to continue taking their medications without interruption
  • Quality of patient care is enhanced. Patient care and satisfaction improve when technology is utilized to keep their medications organized. They don’t have to worry about not receiving needed medications, and there is no confusion about what should be taken and when. 
  • Communication lines allow for connection. Medication management technology also allows healthcare providers to connect with pharmacists, other providers, and caregivers, allowing them to stay informed of changes or issues with medications. HIPAA-compliant communication platforms also keep patients’ protected health information (PHI) secure. 

The Clarest Health Technology Advantage 

We partner with healthcare providers to improve patient care using our technology advantage. Illness and recovery can be extremely challenging times for patients, but we strive to make things just a little bit easier. Our network of long term care pharmacists ensures that patients are receiving their medications in an easy-to-identify compliant pouch when they need them. The Pro-Link central web portal is a communication hub for providers, pharmacists, caregivers, and patients to connect with one another over medication concerns, refills, or updates. We have licensed pharmacists available 24/7 to answer questions and help with urgent issues using our secure text messaging platform, Pro Text. Let Clarest Health help you improve patient care. Whether your patients are currently in a long term care facility, or they are transitioning to their home, we do our utmost to provide quality continuation of care.   

Explore Our Technology for Medication Management

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