Improving Morale and Patient Care Experience

Being admitted into long term care (LTC) can be overwhelming and even frustrating. Patients are worried about recovering from their illness or injury, but those are not their only concerns. They are also concerned about being away from home, adjusting to a new routine, and taking care of the many responsibilities they have, but cannot attend to at the current moment. It can be daunting to focus on healing when there are so many other issues on their minds.  In order for patients to have successful outcomes while in long term care  (and when transitioning out of an LTC facility), it is essential to continually improve the patient care experience by taking extra stress away from the patients through Personalized Medication Management

Low Morale Negatively Affects Health Outcomes

Long term illnesses and injuries often have a negative impact on mental health and morale. While patients want to be dedicated to health and recovery, additional stressors, such as remembering to order all their medications or to take their medications in a particular order, can be too much to add to their already full plate. This leads to ignoring medication regimens because they are too complex. Taking medications on a consistent basis is extremely important during recovery, but it may become too overwhelming for patients. The reality is we must provide patients with a simplified way to manage their medications to enhance their care experience. This is why it is up to the healthcare team of long term pharmacists, healthcare providers, caregivers, and others to support their patients in a variety of ways.


Easing Stress With Personalized Medication Management 

Personalized medication management can ease the stress on patients making it easier for them to work on recovery. Healthcare providers can rely on a long term pharmacy and our network of long term pharmacists to improve their patients’ care experience. Medication management technology keeps all health history and current conditions together in one place, making it easier to access the information that a patient or provider needs. A personalized medication management plan is designed to support a patient by providing easy-to-manage medications in an efficient and compliant manner. 

We Can Help With Improving Patient Care and Boosting Morale

Clarest Health has the technology, staff, and resources to improve your patients’ experience both in and out of LTC. We know that unnecessary stress caused by confusing medication regimens overwhelms patients and can cause them to stop taking their prescribed medications altogether. Our central web portal and our secure text messaging platform allow healthcare providers to stay in constant touch with patients, caregivers, and our staff. Additionally, our expert, compassionate staff will remain with your patients through their wellness journey from entering LTC to successfully transitioning to home care and beyond. Having a sense of familiarity and building a relationship with patients eases the feeling of uncertainty that often comes with transitions. We partner with  healthcare providers to ensure that medication management is not the cause of adverse outcomes for patients.

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