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Medication management shouldn’t be so complicated

Medication prescribed by multiple physicians, filled by multiple pharmacies.

Overwhelming to manage conflicting instructions for all the medications prescribed.

Patients and caregivers struggle to find clarity.

When it comes to your medication, small mistakes can result in big consequences.

We believe technology is the answer to simplify medication management for better outcomes

Easy, efficient medication pouches

Individualized medication pouches ensure patients receive the right medications at the right time. Not only do medicines arrive quickly and accurately, they are easy to dispense for simpler medication management.

Unmatched customer service by licensed pharmacists

We understand how frustrating it can be to manage so many medications. Our customer service team is ready to pick up the phone. Get questions answered right away so patients don’t miss a dose.

Data-driven medication management

By embracing modern technology and data analytics, we support both professional care providers and home-based caregivers to Advance a Patient’s Health at Every Step on their wellness journey.

Coordinated pharmacy services in care facilities and at home

Using integrated technology solutions, our expert pharmacists help facilitate each patient’s Personalized Medication Plan with care facilities and at home.

Built for clinicians. Focused on patients.

CSS Health’s technology features flexible, rules-driven patient identification, insightful risk identification, and proactive management to improve outcomes.

We partner with providers, patients, payers & caregivers in care facilities & at home

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