Thomas Hyde, RPh

President LTC Markets

As the founder of ProCare LTC, Tom Hyde has been a pioneer in incorporating innovative technology while prioritizing patient needs.

With a career spanning operation, consulting, customer service, technology, and C-Suite management, Tom is President of LTC Markets. Under Tom’s leadership, the company has experienced substantial growth, further showcasing his commitment to excellence.

Tom’s educational foundation in pharmaceutical sciences and years of experience enable him to drive positive outcomes for Clarest and its clients.

As an influential leader in the long-term care pharmacy industry, Tom Hyde is recognized for his unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality services, incorporating innovative technologies, and advocating for patient-centric care. His vision and strategic guidance continue to shape the success of Clarest in providing exceptional pharmacy solutions for long-term care facilities.

I Collaborate for Mutual Success! 

Through personal experiences, I know that each decision, action, and interaction impact the patient’s experience and outcomes. At Clarest Health, we focus on our patients, providing exceptional healthcare experiences, and building a lasting relationship based on trust and mutual respect. We strive to cultivate an environment with compassion, empathy, and respect. We use active listening and understanding each patient’s unique circumstances to deliver tailored Medication Management. I recognize the market need for better pharmacy care, including a collaborative team approach with clear communication, transparency, and shared decision-making, to make navigating the healthcare system less overwhelming for our patients, caregivers, and clients. At Clarest, our team is committed to making a profound difference in the lives of our patients, providing the best possible care and support to those who need it most.