Terrye Enslow

Chief Financial Officer

Terrye Enslow, the CFO of Clarest, plays a vital role in the organization’s mission to care for each patient individually and holistically by providing them with innovative, technology-enabled Personalized Medication Management. She brings extensive tenures at Luck Companies and McKesson Medical-Surgical, where she led the swift growth of each company’s footprint through M&A, real estate transactions, financial and strategic planning, and streamlined accounting processes. Terrye received a BBA from William and Mary, and with a record of accomplishment for creating value and impact through precise execution and building high-performing teams, she continuously aims towards new growth and innovation to improve the patient experience through the healthcare continuum. Terrye’s people-first mindset and passion for mentoring unite the Clarest organization towards common business goals, empowering the team to understand their responsibilities and contribute to the company’s financial success.

I Focus on the Patient! 

Clarest is an outstanding ally and advocate for patients and their caregivers. We understand the challenges the medically complex community faces, as they can significantly impact their quality of life and even mortality.

By utilizing analytics and data, we have developed a solution to help patients navigate their conditions and improve their overall well-being, empowering them to make informed medication decisions.

In a society where vulnerable populations are growing, CareFil Rx supports patients and caregivers, addressing the unique needs of these populations and ensuring their well-being.