Joseph DiCarlo

Chief People Officer

Joseph DiCarlo is the CPO for Clarest and is responsible for setting and executing the organization’s overall people strategy: ensuring the organization hires, retains, develops, and engages the best talent possible in the communities in which Clarest operates.

Before joining Clarest, Joe served as Chief People Officer at Health Monitor Network, the leading patient engagement company in the United States. With an education in Political Science and Business Administration, Joe’s dynamic leadership style and extraordinary vision have garnered many national best places to Work awards for multiple organizations. He knows his commitment to building a mission-driven team, guided by core values, will result in an engaged, forward-thinking associate culture providing an extraordinary patient experience.

I Collaborate for Mutual Success! 

Throughout my career, I have dedicated myself to empowering colleagues and peers at all levels by helping them overcome obstacles and achieve personal and professional growth. I passionately believe that our work impacts patients’ lives and should never be viewed as a “Zero Sum Game.” Success for one person should not mean failure for another. Instead, I advocate for collaboration, self-control, self-awareness, and empathy to foster mutual success.

My goal is to guide everyone to surpass their professional aspirations while propelling our organization to new heights. We can achieve exceptional results as a team and individuals by embracing these principles.