Jason Cohen

Chief Technology Officer

As the CTO at Clarest, Jason Cohen expertly leads crucial software engineering and technology product development to enhance Personalized Medication Management for our patients and clients continually.

Jason has mastered the art of navigating complexity and seamlessly transforming digital landscapes into cohesive ecosystems through his extensive career spanning over three decades. Before joining Clarest, he served as a distinguished Senior IT Executive at The Omnicom Group, catering to over 5,000 global clients. He successfully spearheaded more than 100 complex integrated technology integrations across various continents. Jason’s vast expertise and education guide Clarest in leveraging technology, personalized medication data analytics, and the latest generative AI solutions to positively impact patients’ lives. His visionary approach ensures that Clarest remains at the forefront of embracing modern technological advancements and optimizing personalized Medication Management.

I Collaborate for Mutual Success! 

Our most significant accomplishments arise through personal and professional experiences when we unite around common goals and a cooperative spirit. I value and embrace the combined strength of diverse team members working toward shared objectives, knowing that our collective efforts exceed what any individual can achieve.

By working together, we ensure that success benefits not only every team member but every client, patient, and caregiver.