Hammad Shah, RPh

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Clarest Health, Hammad Shah, RPh, is at the helm of the organization’s vision to embrace modern technology and Personalized Medication Management to ADVANCE PATIENT HEALTH AT EVERY STEP. With an intense focus on patients, he is charting the path for the future of pharmacy care, increasing access to better, more efficient solutions.

A pharmacist by trade and education with over 30 years of experience, Hammad’s expertise crosses disciplines, including product development, sales, process improvement, and mergers and acquisitions. Before joining Clarest, Hammad focused on corporate direction and strategy as the President and CEO of SOC Telemed, successfully growing the company’s ability to connect patients to the highest quality clinicians at the right time – regardless of proximity. Previously, Hammad championed FreseniusRX’s vision to change the practice of pharmacy from simply dispensing medications to playing an integral role in patient care as their President.

Hammad has a deep understanding of operating in rapidly changing healthcare markets. His efforts and expertise in healthcare leadership have positively impacted patients and providers by increasing access to higher-quality care and services.

I Act with Integrity 

Integrity is doing the right thing for the patient, no matter what. In my years of practicing pharmacy and personal experiences, I began envisioning an integrated pharmacy solution that begins and ends with the patient. Every decision at Clarest, no matter how small or large, starts with the question, “how will this impact the patient?” Our team works daily towards the goal of Advancing Patient Health at Every Step, and they are bound to face challenges in creating the solution that will improve lives. I am confident we will achieve that goal and overcome the obstacles by always doing what is right for the patient. Integrity is at the core of who we are as an organization, and I could not be prouder of that.