Erin Mattingly

Vice President, Marketing

Erin Mattingly is the VP of Marketing for Clarest Health and passionately leads marketing efforts to communicate the impact and value that Personalized Medication Management can bring. She focuses on the patient with an educational marketing approach focused on understanding the gaps and solutions in the post-acute care continuum.

Erin shapes strategic efforts around business development initiatives, partnership opportunities, patient experience, product development, internal communications, and driving brand management and awareness.

Erin’s over 16 years of expertise in the hospital and healthcare industry is rooted in a strong sales background with a formal education in marketing. Her work with community-based acute care hospital systems gives a unique, comprehensive approach to marketing that encompasses every part of the organization, including operations, customer service, and product development. With her deep understanding of the healthcare industry, Erin is dedicated to taking Clarest to new heights by employing innovative strategies and delivering exceptional outcomes.

I lead with Innovation! 

Everyone has a story. Having had a front-row view of the struggle of being a caregiver to an elderly or medically complicated family member, I know there must be better solutions in healthcare. Those solutions lie in continuing care and holistic solutions that require new, creative ideas—innovation driven by the needs of the patient, their caregiver, and their providers.

Educating and driving awareness about the value we can bring to our patients and their caregivers is a passion; making our product innovative in ways that add more value to those we serve is my why.