Ann Kessinger

Chief Growth Officer

As the Chief Growth Officer at Clarest Health, Ann brings over 25 years of experience and leadership in the healthcare industry and spearheads the organization’s comprehensive growth strategy – encompassing overall sales, client satisfaction, and new product implementation.

Previously, as Vice President and Strategic Advisor at Versalus Health, Ann played a pivotal role in doubling the company’s revenue and market presence and penetration.

Ann holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Mathematics from Georgetown University, which complements her deep industry knowledge and underscores her commitment to driving innovation and success within the healthcare landscape. With an impressive track record in establishing and steering high-performing commercial teams, Ann is uniquely poised to continue propelling Clarest’s remarkable achievements.

I Focus on the Patient! 

Everything we do at Clarest Health focuses on the patient; specifically, advancing patient health at every step of their care journey. I am rewarded daily with client testimonials and recognition from prospective patients and caregivers acknowledging how our services significantly enrich and positively impact their lives. I could not be more grateful and proud to work for an organization that genuinely wants to better the lives and outcomes of the patients we serve.