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    Medication-related chronic care challenges often start with prescription medication management. CareFilTM Rx provides a convenient and effective solution to that challenge. We deliver long-term medication management solutions in tandem with healthcare providers to create better outcomes for our patients including:
  • Reduced Risk of Hospitalizations
    Patients who use a medication management system like Integrity Pharmacy experienced a reduced risk of hospitalizations due to improper dosage.
  • Increased Treatment Effectiveness
    By targeting gaps in drug therapy and ensuring that patients are on the right track with their schedule, Integrity Pharmacy supports healthcare providers in increasing the effectiveness of prescribed medications.
  • Improved Health Outcomes
    Patients report an improvement in keeping their health on track thanks to our advanced medication management system.

Safety Assurances You Can Count On

Since 2008, we have made it our goal to create a safer, more effective way for patients to manage their medications. Our team of pharmacists and nurses is committed to delivering personalized, exceptional care to your patients in the form of an ongoing medication management solution.

We comply with the industry’s standards for healthcare providers, and always put the health and safety of your patients first, that’s a guarantee.

Let’s work together to help improve medication management for your patients.

Partner with CareFilTM Rx

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