Our MTM PathTM Software: Built for clinicians. Focused on patients.

CSS Health’s technology features flexible, rules-driven patient identification, insightful risk identification, and proactive management to improve outcomes. Our unique combination of technology, personal engagement, and proven processes enables payers, providers, prescribers, and pharmacists like you to simplify complex Medication Management regimens, build adherence, manage costs, and improve patient lives.

The industry’s leading MTM software, analytics, and services, made available for organizations seeking technological solutions to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

A user-friendly platform for rapidly identifying at-risk populations

CSS Health’s analytics solutions examine demographics, pharmacy, medical and lab data to identify more than 2500 therapy gaps to correlate patients, treatment regimens, and treatments to uncover patients at risk for poor compliance. These same analyses discover unnecessary and duplicate therapies, as well as potentially dangerous drug interactions. Organizations use this information to intervene before minor situations become expensive major medical crises.

Designed specifically for medication management across at-risk populations, CSS Health technology solutions feature:

  • Flexible, rules-driven patient identification algorithms
  • Risk identification based on medication, disease, utilization, and adherence
  • Proactive management of at-risk populations to improve outcomes and maximize ROI

Customers benefit by efficiently and effectively managing treatment for high-cost populations, including specialty areas such as oncology, MS, hepatitis C, HIV, diabetes, heart disease, and behavioral health.

Outcomes not input

Medical professionals and benefits managers shouldn’t have to become analytics experts to benefit from MTM solutions. CSS Health’s technology platform delivers its recommendations so that customers receive the information they need, in the format that makes sense according to the situation and their job. Our internal clinical team regularly curates both our software’s recommendations and the overall user experience to ensure superior ease of use.

Customers rely on CSS Health’s technology to:

  • Drive quality interaction for each member to improve patient health
  • Monitor changes in patient charts to track patient progress across time
  • Operate an array of clinical programs that reduce medication risk
  • Streamline provider/prescriber communications through a central platform

Focus resources on wellness and profitability, not IT or data processing

This powerful, highly secure medication management platform contains more than 19 years of MTM experience. It scales to millions of patients, with comprehensive support for changing industry, state, and federal regulations. CSS Health customers receive intuitive information to manage population health more effectively, without having to incur the complexity or expense of developing similar systems in-house.

Comprehensive records spanning medical, pharmacy, and lab claims

CSS Health’s technology solutions span the full breadth of claims information. As a result, we spot an exceptionally wide range of potential areas of concern and opportunities for cost management. This broader, deeper data set helps organizations identify potentially risky treatment situations that other solutions routinely miss.

Not just insights – actions that save lives and save money

CSS Health couples its analytics with medication delivery systems that ensure that patients receive the correct medications at the proper time of day. Color-coded by day and separated by dosing time, these turnkey systems help patients follow complex medication regimens by making it easier to know which medicines to take and when to take them, resulting in higher adherence rates and stronger patient outcomes.

Cost-effective Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery

CSS Health also helps organizations save money by replacing capital expenditures for hardware and software with Cloud-based services that deliver the same capabilities as in-house solutions at a very reasonable price. This flexibility provides premium capabilities for businesses of all sizes, with the latest features quickly deployed with minimal disruption to normal daily operations.

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