Get the Facts

How does the CareFilTM Rx, formerly Integrity Pharmacy Program work?

With CarefilTM Pharmacy, you can have your medications sorted, packaged, and delivered directly to your home, saving you from making multiple trips to your pharmacy and re-filling pill boxes each week. We make it simpler, safer, and more convenient to take the right medications at the right time.

Can you work directly with my doctor?

Yes, dispensing prescription orders is safest and most accurate when they are received directly from your healthcare provider(s). We find that most doctors are very supportive of our Medication Management program because it helps reduce Medication Errors. We will be happy to send your doctor information about our program upon request.

How many prescriptions can you accommodate?

We can manage an unlimited number of monthly prescriptions.

Can I return unused medications for a refund?

Once your medications have been sent to your home, our pharmacy cannot accept returned medications from you or offer any type of refund.

Can you provide medications that can’t go in the tear strips?

If you have inhalers, syrup, insulins, or any medication that you take only when needed, we will make every effort to send these at the same time as your monthly shipment. They will be bottled or sent in the original containers to make every effort to provide all of your medications at once.

How will I know when I’m supposed to take my medications?

Each medication packet is assigned and printed with a specific date and time category (i.e., am, noon, pm, bed). The name and physical description of the contents will also be listed. You will receive complete information on precautions, drug interactions, and side effects with each medication.

What happens when I have a medication change, need to reorder, or have questions about my delivery?

We are able to accommodate medication changes including the addition and/or removal of medication(s). We will work with you and your doctor to determine the best course of action.

We will call you approximately one week prior to the start date of your next 30-day regimen. At that time, we can discuss any changes that may have occurred since your last fill date.

You can call CareFilTM Rx, formerly Integrity Pharmacy with any questions relating to filling prescriptions, packaging, delivery, and reordering.

We can be reached at 417-865-2900.

You can also email us at [email protected].

Does this mean I won’t have to fill pill boxes or pick up prescriptions from my local pharmacy?

That is correct. We will dispense your prescriptions and package them in pre-sorted packs labeled with the day and time you should take them. Your 30-day supply of medications will be delivered directly to your home.

I would like to sign up, but a couple of my medications keep changing. What should I do?

We can package the stable medications and bottle the medications that keep changing. Once these medications become stable maintenance medications, we can put them in our easy to open tear strips.

How do I transfer my prescriptions to you?

Our team will work with your current pharmacies to get you transferred after you sign up with us. We work to make the process as seamless as possible for you.

Some of my medicine has to be refrigerated. Can that be shipped to me?

Yes, we can ship refrigerated medications!

Can you supply my over-the-counter medications?

We offer competitive prices on over-the-counter medications and supplements not covered by your insurance.

How will I receive my medications?

An entire 30-day supply will be delivered to your home each month.

Will my prescriptions cost more?

Our services, including packaging and home delivery, are provided at no additional cost. You are responsible only for your regular prescription co-payments, which are