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Unmatched service



Traditional medication management doesn’t get the job done anymore

  • Complexity from coordinating with multiple pharmacies and physicians

  • Wrong medication going to the wrong patient

  • Wasting time disposing medication properly

  • Risking quality and compliance

If medication management gets too complicated, it can cause adverse clinical outcomes and non-compliance.

Using breakthrough technology, Clarest simplifies all things related to medication management

Higher patient satisfaction

Accurate medications delivered on time. Easy-to-dispense. Better patient outcomes with fewer readmissions.

Data-driven technology

Analytics platform combines pharmacy and clinical care data to significantly improve patient outcomes. Custom web portal. HIPAA-compliant text messaging.

Improved quality & compliance

Reduced errors. Up to 25% accuracy improvement in medication dispensing. Better infection control. Reduced waste.

Unmatched customer service by licensed pharmacists

Clarest has licensed pharmacists available 24/7 so your staff can get quick answers. Fast turnaround. No matter what challenges arise, we’ll be there.

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We stay with your patients as they transition home to enhance their satisfaction and help them live a happier, healthier life.

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