Advancing Patient Health at Every Step

Today marks a significant milestone in our company’s history. It’s an inflection point that seamlessly links the successes of our past with an incredibly exciting future.

Our company was founded as ProCare LTC in 2007 by two leaders of a nationally owned long-term care pharmacy who realized the need to return to more personalized fundamentals of quality patient care.

Since that time, ProCare has consistently provided the highest levels of service possible while delivering the best economic value to the facilities and residents we serve.

Our expert teams plan and coordinate with care providers to deliver pharmacy services focused on patients and their unique needs. We proudly go above and beyond – solving problems and meeting challenges like STAT requests to make sure we hit our marks.

As we look to the future and the needs of patients and providers, we see a demand for better access to more efficient pharmacy solutions – powered by new technologies and data-driven insights.

That’s why today we are embarking on the next steps of our journey and charting a path for the future of pharmacy care, offering better, more efficient solutions. We will be an organization with a wider reach, expanded capabilities, and a stringent focus on the residents and clients we serve –built on our core business of long-term care institutional pharmacies.

As part of this change, we are taking a new name: Clarest Health.

We’re also embarking on a new mission: Providing Personalized Medication Management to our LTC partners, caregivers, and patients.

Personalized Medication Management combines the exceptional service ProCare has been known for with data driven insights and the latest pharmacy technology to provide an unmatched level of pharmacy care. Care that’s tailored to each patient, supportive in their wellness journey and incredibly convenient and efficient.

Going forward, Clarest Health will be broadly focused on expanding access to quality pharmacy care, giving patients a better experience and more positive outcomes. Optimizing that care for the facilities we serve will allow caregivers more time with their patients at the bedside instead of spending hours distributing medications. Patients who have made progress within those facilities and are ready to transition back to their home will rest easier with Personalized Medication Management, delivering prescriptions right to their door by their trusted pharmacy.

ProCare LTC is a long-standing, trusted brand that will remain a legacy as our organization comes together as Clarest Health.

Our mission and vision are clearly focused on the patient, their care, and recovery.

Welcome to Clarest Health: Advancing Patient Health at Every Step.

Hammad Shah
Chief Executive Officer

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